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what is a wik_kit

Posted by Jennifer Hauser on

wik_kit: kits come with both of our product wik_its and wik_centers most standard size kits come with 15 wik_its and 5 wik_centers. 

wik_it: stabilizes the wick and keeps it centered during the pouring and solidify steps. our patent pending design come in several options: single cotton wick, double cotton wick, triple cotton wick, with some designs accommodating four cotton wicks and wooden wicks.

wik_centers: are removable guides that aid in proper wick placement for your specific container. our centers come in several options; cotton wick, wooden wick, and multiple wick designs. double cotton wik_centers will always come with a standard 1" distance between each wick. 

If you have further questions or do not see your container on our website under your supplier please reach out to us at shopwikit@gmail.com 




what is a wik_it