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Sixteen Seventeen Evermore Cylinder wik_kit
Sixteen Seventeen Evermore Cylinder wik_kit

Sixteen Seventeen Evermore Cylinder wik_kit

This kit was designed for the Evermore Cylinder (please note this is not for the bowl) from 16/17 and is designed for double or triple cotton wicks and single or double wooden wicks. For other wik_kit designs for this jar Please visit Sixteen Seventeen 

Double or Triple Cotton wicks
10 wik_its (top wick stabilizer) cotton wicks
2 wik_centers (bottom wick placement guide)
Wooden Wicks:
10 wik_its (top wick stabilizer) wooden wicks
5 wik_centers (bottom wick placement guide)
Two style wik_centers Round or Square
These are for the original metal clip ONLY. If you use the new low profile or universal clip please leave a note at checkout stating this so we can send you the correct wik_center. Please include notes if you use the round wick stickers to attach or glue.
Wooden wick users: use the drop down to select round if you use round wick stickers to attach your metal clip. If you use glue to attach your metal clip for your wooden wick please select square.  IF YOU USE UNIVERSAL wick clips you MUST note that at check-out by leaving a message.